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Sunday, October 24, 2010

God doesnt want me yet!

I thank Allah for giving me 1 seconds for my life to stop which with that 1 seconds, it just saved my life!

Pelik kan? Well, story nyee begini...

As usual, I continue with my no life routine of pergi kerja at 6am. As for your info, I need to walk around 400m from my apartment to the bus stop nearby and I need to cross 3 roads in order to go to that bus stop.

err.. macam akan jadi complicated jee!

I was going to cross the first road until I saw bus coming from 400-500m away. Bila dah tgk bus nak datang, I immediately nak cepat lintas jalan so that I wont be needed to wait for the next bus to come.

First road, lintas safely and I was about to cross the second road terus without seeing left and right (usually second road xdak kereta sgt) until I was stopped for a second, and tiba a lorry pass by infront of me... errr..

korang paham ke nih?

I dont know why my kaki x gerak untuk lintas but my mind says lintas cepat. How I wonder if I cross the road straight, confirm esok I famous masuk news!

"Ingin ke kerja lalu digelek lori"


"Mencari rezeki di waktu pagi tapi ditimpa malang"


"Gadis cantik digelek lori" ehh?

Tapi if betul I kena gelek, tolong laaaaa letak only my pretty picture dalam news. Takdelaa mati katak jee, at least famous ok! and masa ni orang mesti cakap.. "alaaa, sayanggnyee.. muka cantik tapi ajal cepat" or "kalaulaahh aku sempat ngorat budak nii dulu" atau "kalaulaa aku dulu belanja yaya makan chiliss atau pak ali masa convo aritu" .. heh!

ok serius.

but, seriously ok! i am just 1 second apart. tiba2 i was stopped, blank and blur and suddenly lorry lalu depan. huu.. ngeri!

Alhamdulillah!!~ I am still alive and healthy and smizing waiting untuk kawan2 datang belanja. :)

Anyway, this is what we call, ajal saya belum sampai...

p/s: Berdoa agar mati dalam iman........ pleasee!

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einaz shah rizal thomas said...

haiy cik belog yang cute ;)
nice to see your blog .

love einaz!