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Monday, January 10, 2011


Not because I was avoiding "work" (I would hardly call blogging work!), but I would easily classify the month of December and January to have been the most crazy, hectic, chaotic month of my life. With workloads, kerja kawen, travelling, etc.

On exactly January 3, I was admitted to the hospital. I have been vomited again and again and I have a painful stomach ache. I just came back from offshore trip at Labuan to observe drilling and the very next day arriving in KL, I got sick again.

AGAIN, vomiting for girl doesn't mean the girl are expecting okeyh!

On January 4, I had my appendix removed. I had a Deja Vu recently that I will lose my right hand, tapi appendix yang hilang. Thank GOD. I was released 2 days after and spent the entire night throwing up again. Sebab gatal nak round2 satu hospital lepas kena operate.

Somehow, I think I am Meredith in Grey Anatomy masa kena derma hati to her father whilst I am donating my appendix to some one else. Eh? Ada ka orang nak?

I could not even LAUGH!!!

2 weeks MC. And I am off to Abu Dhabi.


Lin Elier said...

Get well soon ... kesian you, new year kick off yg mencabar.

& travel safe to AD.


get well soon dear sis..

just reaching at ur blog and rea some posts..

wow, off to abu dhabi? have a safe journey ya. take care.

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum yaya.

moga kamu cepat sembuh tau. ini masa untuk rehat-rehat, jangan stress-stress sangat memikirkan wedding thingy. make sure kamu betul-betul recover k..

insya Allah, semua will be smooth. amin.

yaya said...

kak lin : thank you! this year going to be extra hectic for me.

fifiey : gee thanks! 8hugs*

cik syahira : insyaAllah, trying my best not to stress and get a well rest. Thank you!