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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beijing anyone?

I have 2 free-and-easy tickets to Beijing that is valid until October 2011.

It is worth RM1000.

And I am giving it away..

Anyone interested...?


_DHyA_SuRya_ said...

free ke????

yaya said...

yes sayang..


Orkid said...

nakkk!!! plssss hehehe. serius neh!! :)

Moose said...

just stumble upon ur blog. is it still available? if so, i nak!!

*muka tak malu pls*


yaya said...

Uik! boleh bagi..

but are you really sure you going?

the ticket is only for food and hotel... exclusive ticket flight

Izyan Helmi said...

yaya. if u bagi i..surely i will go. plsss plsss plssss...give it to me. i mmg tgh plan nak g holiday mn2 this july. so kalau dpt ticket n hotel free itu dah cukup bagus. rezeki namanye..hik2.

Fritz Kareem Valle said...

i am interested.

~Ayu BnSyg~ said...

Boleh kasi details like stay kt mane and for how long? I'm really interested. Email me ya?


Really hope to get it!

FatinSyahirah said...

the ticket still available ke? interested!

zoelalisa said...

ade lg ke???nk!!! :)
tp blh tau details tak?

emel me : purplelavigne8@yahoo.com

:) ;) ;)

HaFizaH aYu said...

firt time singgh cni..n terkomen kt en3 nie...still available k tkt tu...nk pgi sgt2 sbb jeles ngn mmber yg dh pi sna