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Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY Dulang

I am now a big fan of Ikea.

Gilaa best kot Ikea.

Not that I just got to know Ikea but since I bought a house and I am so into decorating my house, I've becoming a house decorator maniac.

So every week you can see my face at Ikea.

I found this cheap candle holder at Ikea for RM1.90...

And now all I need is a plate. You can use your un-used plate or you can even buy a cheap plate from Ikea for RM2.90...

And you will be needing a strong adhesive to combined it. (You can get a very cheap gam gajah at Mr DIY for 60 cent).

So here it is..

It cost you less than 5 ringgit weyhhh!!!!!

To make it more fancy, you can spray it with your own desirable color.

Am going to spray mine soon. Maybe today. Tgk kepada tahap kerajinan.



PussyCat said...


Orkid said...

omg!!! thx dear! rase mcm nak gune ur idea nih utk hantaran hehee

fazlien said...

i pn peminat ikea..tp meatball ikea..nnggee =D

btw,salam perkenalan..do visit me..


cik chinta said...

series bole buat utk hantaran, ada ke ikea kat jb?