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Friday, January 4, 2013

How I deliver Ayesha

The title sounds simple. Hahaha. Macam letak kopi dan air panas jadi kopi O.

Tapi mmg simple pon.

A week before delivery, I have several symptoms :
- Extremely penat
- Swelling both hand and foot
- Demam
- Itchy all over body. (Terrible!)

I went to regular check up (38 weeks) on Friday afternoon with hubby. Via ultrasound the doctor said air ketuban dah kurang.

And I just remembered that my panties keeps on wetting , not much but its wet through this week. But since I am too concentrated on the pain that I have, I dont really bother on wet panty.

So, the doctor asked to be admitted and with no dilation, I need to go through induced labor.

Induced at 7pm. Start contraction at 3 am. No dilation still.  Take another induced pill.  Pain is tolerable.

Between 4am to 6am, the midwive macam panic looking at CTG. She told me that baby heartbeat is not good. No dilation still.

At 7am, doctor came and asked for emergency c-sect in order to save my baby.

I was put to sleep for the operation (since the epidural doesnt really works for me).

Bangun dah ada anak kat sebelah. hahahahhaa.

Tapi masa bangun tu agak trauma, sebab sangatttt sejukk due to the morphine I've got. But it just for a while.


Oh, I miss all the moment in the hospital!


renjizakura said...

congratulations Yaya

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