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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memoirs of Miss Sherry

I have a thought, "Blogging is a good thing".

I imagined me in 40 years later, sitting in front of laptop (nenek moden), read and remembers all the journey that I've gone in this blog.

Shared all the memories with my children, grand children and cicit children, for at least, we can have a laugh and a cry together.

and this is why I have the "thought".

By the by, here is some notes to you, my future children.

For you my,

For all the money can buy, it can't buy happiness. INGAT! Walaubagaimanapon, Your mom is howt!

Saya sudah tua. I hereby wasiatkan all my tedi's collection to you.

I wonder.. Am I still alive to see and cuddle you into my arms.
But, if you read this, I only want to say "I LOVE YOU".

Facts : Believe it or not, Saya jahit cadar + comforter itu.

Quilt techniques.

Dengan sayang,

Your nenek dan Ibu.


fadzrin syafiq said...

weihh...aku mau cadar n comforter macam hg..tp mau warna hitam putih..plis?

yaya said...

hahaha.. kaler tu ak dah buat..
ak buat untuk duk kat hostel.. :)

fadzrin syafiq said...

buat la kat aku satuu

yaya said...

rm420 + icecram haagen daz

fadzrin syafiq said...

kepala lutut hg rm420..

yaya said...

jahitan ku berbayar