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Thursday, April 22, 2010

With Loves

Big day. Big Step. Yes! This date is my BIG e-day. Yes! Saya masih dlm studying mode. and Yes! Saya masih muda.

Friends kept on congratulating for the ring on my finger but never failed to ask why I got enganged early.

Here is my big WHY.
First and foremost, I love him,
Saya ingin mukadimah dengan cerita dongeng saya dulu.
Since 10 years old, I have 7 list of my own on what-my-future-husband should have.
Here is my list :
- His name must start with A. (yeah i know! what a weird punya list. but saya peduli ape)
- Eldest (*giggles*)
- MUST older than me (pelik?)
- Responsible (now it comes to sense isnt it?)
- Faith in Islam
- IMPORTANTLY, he must give his fully respects his parents.
- Last one is RAHSIA (hey! jangan ingat kotor!)

Top 3 list is pelik aite? :) That is my fairy tale punya list.

Ini kisah realiti

Intersting facts!
(1) He is the most responsible man that I've ever met.
(2) He respect me for what I am.
(3) He never hinder me to pursue my dream.
(4) I know he loves me.
(5) He never complain!
(6) He is a plus for my parents and my big boss (grandma) sebab dia seorang "SYED".
(7) It feels good to be with him

Un-interesting facts!
(1) Dia x romantik.

Everybody have their own perfections and flaws. The most importantly, I can accept for what he is. This is what a relationship needs, bak kata philosophy cinta saya, Accept and Respect each other.

With confident feeling and Istikharah, I met the perfect man, I accept the proposal, I got engaged. Itulah ceritanya.

To you sayang, if you read this, although busy with works, I Love You, Sayang. You are the most perfect man that I've ever met. (those yang baca tgh geli2 dengan statement cinta saya, saya no komen)

With Lots of Love,

p/s: By the way geng!, saya kawen tahun depan bulan 6. :)

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