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Friday, April 30, 2010

Faqeh Si Junior

Name : Syed Muhammad Faqeh
Age : 1 year 4 months

What do you think of him?
Comel ???

Rasa nak picit picit pipi beliau?


Do you think he have the smile?

Rasa Ummphh ?

and of cos he is malaysian.

Please vote HIM at 'BOH' 1 Ummph 1 Smile 1 Malaysian

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Click vote to Shariffah Shekha Bilfaqih.

1 Vote for 1 Day

Jommmm Vote!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kentut makan balik

Just finished FYDP (Final Year Design Project) with hentaman 1000 kali das tembakan yang berkelajuan 100km/hr.

Alkisah FYDP Presentation Group 15.
"Project awak nie macam Kentut makan balik", we burst into pieces of laugh of terkejut plus sakit hati when our examiner said it out loud. Its sound harsh, but he explained to us why it is kentut makan balik. and betul lah, kami makan kentut kami dan kami x sedar.

This is what really happen. We didnt put flare to our system. Instead we put scrubber with some reason. It is correct theorectically actually. But in real life situation, we still need flare to throw away of unremaining-unwanted gas to the environment. Yes, we still can recyle but it still have the remaining that cant be recycled. This remaining gas is harmfull to our plant, it can get stuck to pump or occurance of other reaction. This is basically what Ir Halim told us. You can't eat what you already throw. Since our case is in gas phase, he use the word kentut.

"Awak nie boleh masuk raja lawak". Our inlet temperature is 148. Our outlet temperature is 158. And our operating condition is 154. Tak logik kan? But there!, kami x realize!.

"2+2+2 = 8?" This is in instrument control chapter. We put the control valve without taking into consideration of previous control valve is another-adjacent stream. So if we open the last valve . The flow will never increase but only the same. Kami x realize jugak!

there is still many, especially in mawi part in HAZOP analysis. Ir Halim told us that, the good plant must not have action required, sebab all action is aready taken.

Although there is alot of hentaman, we really really learned a lot which is a very good thing. And basically we did not do anything wrong in our project, cume kami x realize je. We are not plant expertise by the way. For all 4 years studying engineering, the least we can give is theory, nak situation, gives us another 4 years working at plant.

For the grades, we did our best and leave it to rezeki.

To my group members,


kami masih ensem walaupon kena hentam

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memoirs of Miss Sherry

I have a thought, "Blogging is a good thing".

I imagined me in 40 years later, sitting in front of laptop (nenek moden), read and remembers all the journey that I've gone in this blog.

Shared all the memories with my children, grand children and cicit children, for at least, we can have a laugh and a cry together.

and this is why I have the "thought".

By the by, here is some notes to you, my future children.

For you my,

For all the money can buy, it can't buy happiness. INGAT! Walaubagaimanapon, Your mom is howt!

Saya sudah tua. I hereby wasiatkan all my tedi's collection to you.

I wonder.. Am I still alive to see and cuddle you into my arms.
But, if you read this, I only want to say "I LOVE YOU".

Facts : Believe it or not, Saya jahit cadar + comforter itu.

Quilt techniques.

Dengan sayang,

Your nenek dan Ibu.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sakit Perut

Have you ever,

When for a nice vacation,

And got stuck in the hospital during?

Dengan sedihnya, saya angkat tangan.


muntah muntah-cirit cirit itu sangatlah irritating.

and dripping itu menyeksakan.

bermalam di hospital instead of nice cozy hotel itu sgtlah menyedihkan.

having ur trip with extremely saket perut itu mengeramkan.

Maka Hadirin Hadirat Sekalian,
Makanlah wisely else you will end up dalam hosp.

Brought to you by,
Saya yang dari,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sentence to Remember

When you feel amazingly sad or rasa looser gila-gila or feel like you are an empty can or giving up hope.
Please remember,
The person beyond upstairs is alwaysssss there for you.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Saya = Cikaro.

I just watched Adnan Sempit. (Tahu Tahu!! Gila out to date baru nak tgk. ) Love to watch how Adnan Sempit tackle his cikaro.
By yet, this is my faveret scene.

(Customer yang comel sedang karoke lagu Sudirman)
"Patah hati ku
Membawa derita
Merajuklah diri
Merajuk diri tak tentu haluan"

Haa.. nan.. Dalam cinta ni,
kenala ada gado-gado,
baru ada pujuk-pujuk,
bila dah pujuk-pujuk,
barulah geli geli.

Haahahha... It tickles me to watch that, sangatlah teringat when I had a fight with si kumbang.

Then dia pujuk-pujuk with sending me this!

(He design it by himself!!)

Saya cair. Then both of us geli-geli at the end.

(Only thru SMS!!!)

Cute kan cupcakes? =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

With Loves

Big day. Big Step. Yes! This date is my BIG e-day. Yes! Saya masih dlm studying mode. and Yes! Saya masih muda.

Friends kept on congratulating for the ring on my finger but never failed to ask why I got enganged early.

Here is my big WHY.
First and foremost, I love him,
Saya ingin mukadimah dengan cerita dongeng saya dulu.
Since 10 years old, I have 7 list of my own on what-my-future-husband should have.
Here is my list :
- His name must start with A. (yeah i know! what a weird punya list. but saya peduli ape)
- Eldest (*giggles*)
- MUST older than me (pelik?)
- Responsible (now it comes to sense isnt it?)
- Faith in Islam
- IMPORTANTLY, he must give his fully respects his parents.
- Last one is RAHSIA (hey! jangan ingat kotor!)

Top 3 list is pelik aite? :) That is my fairy tale punya list.

Ini kisah realiti

Intersting facts!
(1) He is the most responsible man that I've ever met.
(2) He respect me for what I am.
(3) He never hinder me to pursue my dream.
(4) I know he loves me.
(5) He never complain!
(6) He is a plus for my parents and my big boss (grandma) sebab dia seorang "SYED".
(7) It feels good to be with him

Un-interesting facts!
(1) Dia x romantik.

Everybody have their own perfections and flaws. The most importantly, I can accept for what he is. This is what a relationship needs, bak kata philosophy cinta saya, Accept and Respect each other.

With confident feeling and Istikharah, I met the perfect man, I accept the proposal, I got engaged. Itulah ceritanya.

To you sayang, if you read this, although busy with works, I Love You, Sayang. You are the most perfect man that I've ever met. (those yang baca tgh geli2 dengan statement cinta saya, saya no komen)

With Lots of Love,

p/s: By the way geng!, saya kawen tahun depan bulan 6. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Times that need to waste.

No job? Not even slight call for an interview? No reply email?

Sukacita dimaklumkan, saya nak jadi actress.

Do ask me questions at


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