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Friday, June 6, 2008

Circles of life...

First and foremost, Ive changed my friendster account. Why?. Well, i keep on getting error and im sick with it. So fwens, do add me k-shalawiyah@yahoo.com..

I woke up today with tear drops smearing in my face. Yes!. I do cried a lot last night. Breaking up with someone you loves the most is unmentionable-indescribables-emotions that i wish i could tell. Having a relationship with 2 big defiance within 2 both side family is hard. I do tried to stand up. But, who are us as a children to fight the objection of our elders?. Who are us to argue with their decision?. Who are us?. Hence, we totally give up.

I woke up acting to be gallant. Went to do my job. 2 o'clocksharp, i sojourned at seven eleven. I bought 2 bread and a dutch lady milk for my lunch . On my way back, i saw a boy tired lifting heavy things. So i gave him one of my bread. Then, i continued walking to hostel until i saw a makcik tiringly cleaning the toilet. Sympathy, i gave her my last bread. I may not having lunch today but what i do know is that im not is much pain compared to them.Alhamdulillah...

You may sometimes at the top. Sometimes at the bottom. Sometimes you are happy. Sometimes you are sad. And it is so called circles of life.

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