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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Petrol Dilemma

Paklah with his Petrol Station
*Thanks to prelude d enternity (fad) for the pic.

I was reading Kreisan's blog until I found this statement..

“Effective from tomorrow, 5 June 2008, the price of petrol will be raised by RM0.78 and the price of diesel will be raised by RM1,” Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

and i continued reading...

“The new price of petrol will be RM2.70 while the new price of diesel will be RM2.50,” he said. Petrol currently costs 1.92 ringgit (0.60 dollars) at the pump, among the cheapest in Asia.”

Kepala otak la!!~ (Yes, Im Mad!!~).. RM 1.92 ringgit still expensive for me and you still say it is cheap??.. Gila ke!~.. They should think la about unlucky Malaysian people. Transportation is the most important things right now k. And they (IDIOT malaysia government) should clearly understand that we produce our own petrol unlike some Asian countries which has no such capacity.

Tell me what is next. When August 2008 comes, the price of petrol may even touch RM3 to RM4. Just a few days ago i read in the news about Najib squashing rumours that petrol will increase and what do you know, when the price increases .. it gets increased almost immediately !!!!

And you know what i think, i think the BN Government knows that they will lose the majority in the next elections, so now korek korek korek duit la, apalagi !

Now, I have to plan all my journey. No more shopping. No more holiday!~.. Thanks to PakLah.. You made my life horrible..

I hate Paklah Day By Day!!~ arghh!

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