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Friday, June 27, 2008


God, I wish I were PERFECT.

I wish I were perfect with dozens cash in my pockets (notice the S), gorgeous and get any that I want. You probably think I’m crazy. I mean here I am, sitting at home with a messy hair, starving, but I’m allowed to dream, aren’t I?

Here is my dream,

First, I would like to have more money. Not too much, but still could afford what I want in this materialistic world. Top, I would like to buy a car. Orange saga just fine with me. Then, I would afford to pay for a beauty saloon to treat my gunung ganang cheek to smooth-soft-flat skin. After that, I have money to buy branded things from hair to toe. You see, Ive been shopped and see lots of expensive things that I just don’t have that kind of money to pay. If I do, it does not worth anything.

After writing this, I just realize that, I am perfect if Im RICH. Money can buy anything. Hahahaaha… So, how am Im Going to be RICH?????????...If I could rub a lamp with gorgoues, bare-chested genie that could fulfill my dream. Hah!~.. Good!~. Or I just rob a Bank.? Or I just mengorat anak Donald Trump?..

20 minutes to 2 am. 6 hours to 8 am, this is next day to come. Another day continued with my humdrum life. A day with a BIG QUESTION MARK at my forehead. How Im Going To Be Rich…..

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