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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saya Benci Pak Lah

All Malaysian were shocked with news of petrol rises until 40% which i think its is nuts!~. PakLah dont care about people and he only thinks about himself and growing of money. Beras naik and minyak naik makes my life more miserable with no money. Now i miss Tun so much. This rarely happen when Tuns incharge as our PM because he did care about us and he is super genius. He knows how to tackle a situation without make us suffer. Compared to Paklah, not-genius even not-smart and terlalu ikut kata menantu. So Paklah, Im waiting for your zaman kejatuhan. Ingat paklah, i can vote dah.

Adapted from The Star

So, after hearing the news and calls form friends and mum. I rushed to petrol station nereby. I km jammed!!!~. So, i waited sambil berangan of 10 series of 1 episode and watched a panaroma of petronal rises. I saw some men yang x tahan nak pee'in, so pee je kat tepi jalan. Then, i saw a mother rushingly dukung anak g esso station which is 700m far. I saw cars that keep on throwing rubbish. Some sambil lepak kat luar kereta isap rokok. And also, some trying to mengeratkan tali silaturahim car next to em. And the topics of opening will be, pak lah da nak jato da nie.

I was there at 10 pm and i was like 10 minutes late untuk merasa petrol of RM1.92. hUHUHUHUuhu.. Sgtlah sedey. But I still keep on isi RM50 for my tank and it still x penuh. Sedey!!.. RM50 slalu dah melimpah ruah minyak. huhuhuhuh.. Saya benci paklah.

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