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Monday, June 9, 2008

Crying Malaysian

Its sad. Really sad. After our PakLah announced the petrol rises, I heard more and more cry and sadness from Malaysian people. I should claim myself still afforded to buy the new-increment of petrol and yet i still angry with the rises. But how about others?.

I read some of the comments from Malaysian people at our beloved Tun's Blog. Here is some comment that touched my heart deeply.

"saya yg paling terkena bila minyak naik ni....ini disebabkan saya berulang alik dari cyberjaya ke melaka. Skrang ni pun belanja minyak + tol saya pi keje rm 1000 sebulan....itu minyak harga rm1.92 je....aku rasa klu dengan rate skrang ni rm 2.70 mau kat rm 1500 untuk minyak kereta je!!!! kerajaan bg subsidi rm625 setahun tu cuma belanja minyak saya setengah bulan.

isteri saya pun x sanggup tgk saya sakit poket ujung bulan, malam tadi beliau buat keputusan untuk berenti belajar. dan kami akan pindah balik ke Seri Kembangan ujung bulan ni. Satu keputusan yg amat menyedihkan, tapi kami terpaksa menerimanya. Nak duduk asrama, anak saya nak letak mana pula...tak terjaga. Satu keluarga menangis mlm tadi. isteri nangis sebab dia kena berenti belajar, saya nangis sebab terharu dengan keputusan isteri, anak aku nangis sebab tgk mak ayah dia nangis...terima kasih kerajaan malaysia....

Untuk keluarga yg One Man income mcm saya ni, sure banyak effek...

Tariff elekrik pun akan naik tidak lama lagi, berikutan diesel naik rm 1.....ahhh...malas nak pk apa lagi yg akan naik.... " Copetro

Here's more...

"Somebody has to do something. We can't keep mum on outrageous price hikes anymore. I have acquaintances whose parents are grocers ad fish mongers and heavily rely on vehicles to transport their stock to and fro...and many of them have siblings, sometimes more than 3. How about their old folks? How are they going to cope with the sudden inflation? All of them are still studying! The rebate offered is not even enough from covering less than half of the expenses of the fuel price ONLY...

My parents looked so traumatized today...My dad went to work without a word and the whole house was so solemn...

Tun, you have to help us!!!"ReQuisCat.

This is not wisdom after the event. The domino effect of increase in consumer goods and transportation cost is just A SUFFER. Rich people generally are not affected by this fuel increase simply becoz they are rich..Some have company car allowance, petrol allowance..so why they bother.. Poor people??? They only afforded tear drops right now. Herrmmm!~

I'm not a crybabies but if our current gov really thinks about malaysian there's a lot of other options . we need somebody like Tun , somebody that really think about the future .

What should I conclude more???? NONE!~

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