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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

French lace, anyone?


Helloooo everyone...!

Hows your day?
Lengloi-lengloi sekalian ada sihat?
Sudah makan?

Heee.. Saya ada hajat.. Hajat saya, saya nak jual kain... :D

Actually I bought this kain while I am in Abu Dhabi last month. I bought this kain is actually for my bertandang ceremony. But since I, ehem, won Lynda Rahim dress, after a few discussion with my fiancee, we would like to let it go.

It is a french lace, heavy beaded.

not with lining

 with lining. you can match it with other colour if you nak.

The camera doesnt do any justice. I am so freaking in love with it. If not, buat apa me buying for my wedding kan? It looks unique and classy. Seriously cantik. If takdak sapa nak beli, im going to make it as baju kurung. heh.

Im selling this for RM350 / metre (editted : typing error). Negotiable. I am flexible. I have it for 4 metres. Nak beli 2 metre pon boleh!. The beads are handmade. (

Jakel and Euro Moda are selling this for RM800/metre. If I am not mistaken.

I prefer if you guys can have it a look first before buying. I dont mind. :).

Do contact me if interested. Serious buyer only.

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