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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Haunted Room

Every night, I hear whispering all around my room and it freaks me out!
And soon I realized that there are liltle creature loves dazing every corner of my room.

(My not-so-organized cosmetics)
They loves playing peek-a-boo with me...

(My un-iron shirts and baju kurung)
They are my fashion-advisor every morning.

(My un-distrurbed laundry)
I were told not to worry about my laundry.

(My un-arrange books and journals)
 They told me, I am smart.

(My drawer is already full)
They insisted me to buy more stuff.

(My un-swept floor)
They are enjoying their moments.

(My 2-years old cousin toddler)
My new hired intern.

They maybe wicked but they are dependable!!

And I have no reasons why should I clean my room.


Vespaganza... said...


yaya said...

booooooo!!!!! :P

gadis jumaat said...

Hahahaaaa comel sangat entri nih! I hate the laundry part the most (-_-")

+ Misz Anna D + said...

Sis, you're so creative ;D Love your blog so much!