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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DIY Thank You Tag

Well, this is my thank you tag.

This is actually my first and last design.. Very lazy to design another actually.

Here it goes...

This will be attached in my reception doorgifts.
I love the khat!! It gives my doorgifts ada Islamic touch sikit. Eventho my doorgift dah macam English style.
Since my door-gifts sgt colorful, i still couldnt figure it out whether my pink color thank you tag can match with it. Hurmm! Hentam sajaaaaaa... 

A very simple tag for kids! I prefer it plain je since wrapper dia floral design.
Simple2 cukup yee adik2.... Yeee! Akak kedekut ink. :P

To let you know, Im having a english-garden wedding for my reception.With hope it turns out to be what I imagine.

I am hoping a simple wedding.....

1 comment:

lovelyadibah said...

cantik la khat 2..:) nice!:)