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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am promoting them. I love them to the max. I love their work. And they are very flexible. Tak sombong. Very down to earth.

But, yang paling penting, I like their work. Sebab diorang sgt... wait for it... LEGENDARY! -Barney-

I have been dreaming taking them since early last year. But unfortunately, budjet tak cukup untuk memiliki diorang. Last minute, macam2 plak kena bayar.. hurm!

It is sad!

Mereka = MadeByEpik

Too bad....... I luv them more bila diorang tak berkira sgt bila I mintak diskaun of traveling expenses.

Take them!!!! Take them!!


You know, most of photographer and videographer in KL sgt lahh demanding. Bila tanya how much will you charge for coming to Penang, most of them letak harga macam diorang bawa kapal terbang. Some of it, even charge me for RM1000 for two person for traveling expenses naik kereta. Apakah??

They charge RM1/km excluding Toll expenses. Agak2 laa...!

The thing that they should know, their client ni semua dari orang2 yang makan gaji. Lainlaa you kerja dengan company yg besar2 buat billionsss of ringgit, in this case, claim laa as much as you want.

Ohh tak termasuk travel allowances gak ye.. RM400.

Kawe tensen sokmo!


Ohh.. Saya suka MadeByEpik!!!!!!!!!

Ada org penang terer tangkap gambar? Mai habaq kat ceq mai..


dyn said...

hye, happened to read ur entry
luckily i buat entry ni last month
take a look, hope it'll help


Anonymous said...

logik jugak la.org nak bisnes.minyak sekarang kan mahal.

yaya said...

dyn : hello!! omg.. it helps a lot! thanks!

anoni : ohh you must be one of the photographer kan?

No. It ain't no logic. minyak naik pon agak2 laa smp rm1000 mintak. dont make me LOL to you.