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Monday, March 7, 2011

I am actually complaining.

Things changed when you are going to commit to a whole new world.
As a wife.

I couldnt neglect my responsibilities.
It is indeed sad when my fiancee cakap,
"Macamana anak anak nanti"
Hence, I ignore my dream.

A dream to work in overseas.
In middle east country.
In oil and gas company.
As a Reservoir Engineer.

This is my second time I rejected offers from oversea's company.
First is Germany. And yesterday in Cairo.

Although Cairo offers me 5 digits number salary in ringgit.
The numbers still not afford enough for me to leave my lovies mera beteh here.

4 digits salary is enough.
Enough for me to gain happiness in Malaysia.
Enough for me to be with my Sayangs.
and Abe Buncit.



lovelyadibah said...

whoa!sayang nyer..huu~..xpela..rezeki ada di mana2 kan?:)

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum yaya.

WOW! menarik..

murah rezki kamu. saya masih terkedek-kedek nak cari kerja selepas habis study dan tamat contract kerja last Dec.

phew.. dah puas rehat-rehat di rumah. now, masa untuk cari kerja. wink.

Anonymous said...

based on experience...once you get married, most of your dreams gone...especially when you becoming a mother BUT with all the +ve thinking and guts..you can still able to proceed later..good luck dear!

seliparburok said...

i think u make the right decision.. sometime family comes first ;)