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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why blaming me?

Some people told me : If you plan too much or have high hope on your wedding ; your ceremony will be a disaster.

Some people tambah lagi : Buat lebih-lebih, Allah balas jadi disaster.


But myself told me : If you work hard, you will get what you what. Berusaha is berjaya.

I diy-ed most of my wedding stuff. I cut and paste my flower inside the car. I belit my ribbons while in hospital. I fold my crane in bus. And thus, people thinks I am a person with a lot of planning since they see me slalu buat kerja-kerja kahwin.

I do this not because I want my weds to be grand2. Tak. Bukan.
I do this because I am very passionate to do what I am doing right now.

I love weddings! I am waiting for mine for all this times. And it is wrong for me to be very passionate?

I love belit ribbons.
I love googling ideas and trends.
I don't have any problem walking around Masjid Jamek for 5-8 hours every week

I have no car. I took bus and train.
I angkut my wedding stuff banyak2 naik bus/train. Alone. Berat.
I have no complain.
Kaki lenguh, Sakit belakang.
I have no complain.
I am busy. Very busy. I have no time for myself even.
I have no complain.
Sometimes, I  have shot of money. (I am buying a house. That's why)
I have no complain.

But I am complaining now,
Why am I being blame for giving an extra attention to my wedding?

This is my time of my life. Just let me do what I want. Boleh? Please.

And please jangan, nanti masa wedding, something goes wrong and you cakap "Tu laa, expect lebih2, kan Allah dah balas"
Mmg I tuang air sirap kat you.

"Kita hanya merancang, Allah yang tentukan. Dan apa yang baik hanya dari Allah. Ada hikmah apa yang diberi"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Of wedding cakes

Comel gilaa!!! What do you think?

Instead of having a floral cakes, why don't we have a cartoon character as our wedding cake?

Unique enough kan?

On the other hand, another mum's handmade cake for cousin's wedding. :D
:) :)

2 months to go! Kawen kawen kawen.. Yeay!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hijab style..

I wont be wearing any full hijab during my akad nikah ceremony.But, I love to see people with hijab, styling their shawl and be gorgeous.

So Hijabians...

Be hold...

As usual, Indian dress always be my top of the list...

To those who would like to buy this kain saree.. There is a shop in Masjid Jamek sell beautiful kain saree with lots of colour variety. Sangat cantik ok. You can get a full beaded saree for around 200 ++ ringgit malaysia. The price are up to 1000++ / 4 metres kain depending on their quality.

And if you are interested to buy a wedding dress, Indonesia style, there is another shop too, selling for 350rm ++ /gown. And its negotiable. And of course! you should not compare the dress with other designer items. The price already told you the differences.

Masjid Jamek is my every Friday walkaway. I would love too to bring you there if you need help. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Blues.

I envy this pre-wedding photo. 

I adore her hair clip, hair style and her gown.
I feel joy!

This is fresh!

Its purple and its hot!

Isnt it's adorable?

How you can say no for this?

A lil of sweet tooth.

And a cozy bed for a decorated room.

There are all gorgeous!!!


Friday, March 11, 2011

I want to read your blog...

May I have your blog link pleaseee... ?

So I can read and be inspired with your postings..


Drop your link to my comments and immediately I will be at your blog's doorstep.

psttt : How to make this as a sticky post?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Haunted Room

Every night, I hear whispering all around my room and it freaks me out!
And soon I realized that there are liltle creature loves dazing every corner of my room.

(My not-so-organized cosmetics)
They loves playing peek-a-boo with me...

(My un-iron shirts and baju kurung)
They are my fashion-advisor every morning.

(My un-distrurbed laundry)
I were told not to worry about my laundry.

(My un-arrange books and journals)
 They told me, I am smart.

(My drawer is already full)
They insisted me to buy more stuff.

(My un-swept floor)
They are enjoying their moments.

(My 2-years old cousin toddler)
My new hired intern.

They maybe wicked but they are dependable!!

And I have no reasons why should I clean my room.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

French lace, anyone?


Helloooo everyone...!

Hows your day?
Lengloi-lengloi sekalian ada sihat?
Sudah makan?

Heee.. Saya ada hajat.. Hajat saya, saya nak jual kain... :D

Actually I bought this kain while I am in Abu Dhabi last month. I bought this kain is actually for my bertandang ceremony. But since I, ehem, won Lynda Rahim dress, after a few discussion with my fiancee, we would like to let it go.

It is a french lace, heavy beaded.

not with lining

 with lining. you can match it with other colour if you nak.

The camera doesnt do any justice. I am so freaking in love with it. If not, buat apa me buying for my wedding kan? It looks unique and classy. Seriously cantik. If takdak sapa nak beli, im going to make it as baju kurung. heh.

Im selling this for RM350 / metre (editted : typing error). Negotiable. I am flexible. I have it for 4 metres. Nak beli 2 metre pon boleh!. The beads are handmade. (

Jakel and Euro Moda are selling this for RM800/metre. If I am not mistaken.

I prefer if you guys can have it a look first before buying. I dont mind. :).

Do contact me if interested. Serious buyer only.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I am actually complaining.

Things changed when you are going to commit to a whole new world.
As a wife.

I couldnt neglect my responsibilities.
It is indeed sad when my fiancee cakap,
"Macamana anak anak nanti"
Hence, I ignore my dream.

A dream to work in overseas.
In middle east country.
In oil and gas company.
As a Reservoir Engineer.

This is my second time I rejected offers from oversea's company.
First is Germany. And yesterday in Cairo.

Although Cairo offers me 5 digits number salary in ringgit.
The numbers still not afford enough for me to leave my lovies mera beteh here.

4 digits salary is enough.
Enough for me to gain happiness in Malaysia.
Enough for me to be with my Sayangs.
and Abe Buncit.


Friday, March 4, 2011

A note for my future children


I am your mother and the reason that I am addressing this letter to you is to let you know how "lucky" I am marrying your father.

See kids,
The right moment of your life be would not be necessarily be the things that happen to you but things that you do. I am not saying you could not take action to affect the outcome of your life. You have to take action!. Like what I am going to your father. Ahhh yes.. Your father...

I am absolutely gonna to kill him...

If you are reading my blog, you must known how keen and stressful I am with the wedding stuff. I am marrying your father in the next 3 months. Your father, from being part being a driver for me, he is also a couch potato at night doing nothing in particular except for watching football.

For your information's kids, your father should have called me 2 hours ago to discuss about our pre-wedding photo shoot tomorrow!. Which I guess, he will never call.

Now I am alone, googling the poses and style for tommorow. I am angry.

But kids,
It changed after 14 hours later when your father came and picked me up with his jokes and smile. He brought everything that necessary. He makes me comfortable to take pictures with him.

And the best part is, he never stop saying he loves me.

From that moment I wasn't angry anymore..
You may think that your only choices is to throw it in someone's face but there's always a second option: You can just let it go and only with that is really gone, you can move forward.

And that kids, was the perfect ending to a perfect love story.

Wait kids!
I am planning to buy a wedding dress with hope you can wear mine when it is your turns. :)

And I hope it can turns out to be gorgeous in your wedding.

I love you kids!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mum's Wedding Cake

 Gorgeous x?
Proudly saying, its actually my mum handmade cake.

So to those northern brides looking for your wedding cake,
You may contact her directly if you are interested. 

Fyi, she made this for my engangement.


Slang, sleng or slanq!

Saya disini sukacita memaklumkan kepada kalian sekalian, bahawasanya saya mempunyai tunang berkerja di kerajaan yang boleh memberikan impak-impak seperti dibawah :

Indahnya bahasa melayu beliau.
This ain't no first time he chat like that to me.


He kept on complaining/perli-ing my bahasa melayu baku actually. I talk simple malay dengan dia without KL slang jeee pon.. For example :

"Mata saya sakit laa hari ini"
Where he thinks it should be ...
"Mate saya saket laa hari ini"

"Awak kena berusaha ok!"
Where he kept on perli-in.
"Apa berusaha, berusaheee la..!"

I think he is not aware that I am anak jati Pulau Pinang....


On the other hand, please do noted that I am not angry with KL photographers with this minyak issue. Am only ask for their little considerations. Be flexible!

Case closed.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am promoting them. I love them to the max. I love their work. And they are very flexible. Tak sombong. Very down to earth.

But, yang paling penting, I like their work. Sebab diorang sgt... wait for it... LEGENDARY! -Barney-

I have been dreaming taking them since early last year. But unfortunately, budjet tak cukup untuk memiliki diorang. Last minute, macam2 plak kena bayar.. hurm!

It is sad!

Mereka = MadeByEpik

Too bad....... I luv them more bila diorang tak berkira sgt bila I mintak diskaun of traveling expenses.

Take them!!!! Take them!!


You know, most of photographer and videographer in KL sgt lahh demanding. Bila tanya how much will you charge for coming to Penang, most of them letak harga macam diorang bawa kapal terbang. Some of it, even charge me for RM1000 for two person for traveling expenses naik kereta. Apakah??

They charge RM1/km excluding Toll expenses. Agak2 laa...!

The thing that they should know, their client ni semua dari orang2 yang makan gaji. Lainlaa you kerja dengan company yg besar2 buat billionsss of ringgit, in this case, claim laa as much as you want.

Ohh tak termasuk travel allowances gak ye.. RM400.

Kawe tensen sokmo!


Ohh.. Saya suka MadeByEpik!!!!!!!!!

Ada org penang terer tangkap gambar? Mai habaq kat ceq mai..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DIY Thank You Tag

Well, this is my thank you tag.

This is actually my first and last design.. Very lazy to design another actually.

Here it goes...

This will be attached in my reception doorgifts.
I love the khat!! It gives my doorgifts ada Islamic touch sikit. Eventho my doorgift dah macam English style.
Since my door-gifts sgt colorful, i still couldnt figure it out whether my pink color thank you tag can match with it. Hurmm! Hentam sajaaaaaa... 

A very simple tag for kids! I prefer it plain je since wrapper dia floral design.
Simple2 cukup yee adik2.... Yeee! Akak kedekut ink. :P

To let you know, Im having a english-garden wedding for my reception.With hope it turns out to be what I imagine.

I am hoping a simple wedding.....