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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cinta Buah Strawberry

My sayang and I went to Cameron Highlands!

Bestttt! Thumbs Up! Fantastic! You people should go!

First Destination : Honey Farm

The honey came from that purple flower.
Its worth it to have a try of raw honey.
Serious sedap and murah!.
RM 2.00 per sip.

Second Destination : Malaysia Largest Maze

You should try the maze too.
Its in honey farm itself. Second floor.
Bestt kut! Macam alice in wonderland.
The only different is the maze is made from plywood instead of grass.
But to go alone is quite creepy.
Both of us sesat for quite a few times,
But we manage to come out from exit.
Oh yea, you will get a souvenir if you can habis the maze.

Third Destination : Cactus Farm

Both of us not a fan of cactus.
You can see it from his face dalam gambar.

Fourth Destination : Makan Makan.

Really should try this strawberry daimon and whip cream + choc strawberry!!

Fifth Destination : Cameron Valley Farm

To be here is a must must.

To see the paronama of tea green leaves is just mesmerizing.

Indahnyaa ciptaan Tuhan.

Sixth Destination : Smoke House

To see english style cottage.
Smokehouse is the best place.

Seventh Destination : Agro Farm

Gamble Gamble!
Sebelum beliau main, there is a father trying hard for his daughter.
Three times the dad main, still x menang2,
Si bapak give up and si anak merajok2.
Then come si beliau,
one time gamble and win.
pround gilaaaaa!!!
and im showing off the daughter my teddy bear.
Sebik jee budak tu.. :P
Sorry si budak!

We went to most of the places.
Except for jungle trecking.
Its RM100/person depends on the package.
Takde duit.. :(
But to those who want to relax and loves adventure,
Cameron Highland is the best place!

Ohh.. Please beware of the food.
Else you will stuck in Hosp Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom in the middle of the night


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