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Monday, May 3, 2010

We are leading our way to good energy consumption...

Its time to uplug those vampire appliances,
from the creamy white outlet,
that quench their unholy thrist,
for electrons.

Lamp, computers, fan all switch off!

(The Simpson,2010)

While I agree to reduce the consumption is great, it is hard to reduce the permanent change of lifestyle. Good for us, there is renewable energy.

So Friendlist! Beyond to you wind! The energy of power.

Wind energy is friendly to the surrounding environment. No fossil fuels to generate electricity. Here also means, no CO no CO2.

Wind turbines/Windmill take up less space than our TNB power station. So the left empty spaces can be used for many purposes, take argriculture for example.

The wind is FOC.

The combination of wind energy and solar electricity is great for developed and developing countries to provide a steady, reliable supply of electricity.

If you want wind as your power, you might as well need windmill.

Can I afford it?
There is tax credit, government rebate(malaysia tidak ada) and the average price of a windmill is about $100 to $1000. Surprisingly murah kan??

But you also may WANT to consider...

Wind turbines ini bising. The noise is similar to a small jet engine.

Winds is unreliability factor that can make your power down. Here I mean is,
Try to think if the wind stop blowing, while you are:
- watching Man U vs Arsenal.
- wearing lipstick at night.
- cooking something,
- in the middle of doing thesis.
What will you feel? Regret?
And you may also may need to pray alot for our FOC wind to come.

p/s: Saya confius kenapa tiba tiba blog pasal renewable energy.

Sekian Ceramah,
Si Engineer yang tiba-tiba Nerd

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