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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lovey Yoka

Before my pet story become stale, I would love to share my little mini-series of mine.

Approximately three years ago, I went to Pet Wonderland, sight seeing the animals. I still remembered, how much I would like to have a pet but none seems to interest me. Bak kata si kawan, no feromon.

But, cinta pandang pertama really happens when I saw this tupai sleeping right below the branch. To see her wide eyes, pink nose, make me rasa macam nak give my first kiss and bring her home.

Badly, hati saya terjatuh, when I saw the price. Rm 44O/single.

So me pulang dengan kecewa. :(

Back home, I googled her, save her pictures, make some readings with hope I can owned her in future.

Guess what, now, I'm flauntinggggggg my Yoka to you!! and People!, it is not a rat nor a mouse, its a sugar glider with scientic name Petaurus breviceps. The bonus was I have a pair of them! Poka and yoka. (Nama diambil sempena subjek OM tersayang, poka yoke.) Fyi, Poka owned by si kumbang and he is out of the story here.

"Hai.. Saya Yoka"

We play and we bond and beliau agak sepoel.

Dia mmg suka tido.

Facts that you need to know: Her life span is 10-15 years depending on how they are taken care of. I do hope she can live a long quality life with me. Yoka pleaseeeeee dont die soon!!!.

NOTE : Suggies is a very social and need and crave lots of companionship. This makes them a good pet for the owners especially who is single and lonely like me. Ohh ohh ohh , maybe I need to slash the word single.

-Si Owner-

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