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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I dont want this!

Taken from here

You can see most of Malay Wedding wearing this (I mean the baju kawen songket). But for me, it is absolute NO-NO!!!!!!!!!!. takmau takmau takmau! Kalau belah mak mertua suruh pakai jugak, me sanggup menangis hentak2 kaki cakap taknak!!

err.. over la plak..

It is not that bad actually. The bride and groom in the picture pon pakai lawa. But me no thinking me wearing this me likey.

This is me likey punya..

Taken from WLT

I have been her silent reader for months now. Her taste in wedding is very electic and I took several of her idea as my reference. Very recommended for you bride to be to read her blog.

So my idea is to wear this for my bertandang. As for my pihak wedding, I wearing gown. Dad requested me to wear arab's wedding costume. Bebel pasal keturunan dia patut pakai baju arab. etc etc etc.  ana fenin ana fenin! Baju arab x rock la ente walid! heh!

Since precious daddy ni tak pernah mintak ape2. Seriously dia x pernah request ape2 entire of my life. (Khidmat urut and part time secretary taip surat business dia tu exeptional). I was thinking to wear this constume for sanding ONLY.

Sekarang mana nak cari baju arab haaaa??????


Orkid said...

waahhh da nak kawen eh yaya! im hepi for u :D nnt jgn lupe jemput ehhh hehehe

yaya said...

hehehhee.. mesti jemput!!