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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ohh my Colour!

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When I told my mum, my theme is PINK and GREEN, abis semuaa pelamin, bedroom, staircase, baju bridesmaid, hantaran, canopy scallops she picked pink! Errr..

please imagine me in pink, bridesmaid in pink in this pink pelamin.. nightmare!

So, i told my mum, my theme is pink but you may put any colour combination with it. Seriously, any colour can fit with pink. Pink with blue and purple can give you a very exclusive combination. x caya tgk ni.

curi2 took a picture at SSF.. hehehe

cantikkan? Now you should see this!

Combination of PINK and PEACH

Combiation of HOT PINK and LIME GREEN

combination of SHADES OF PINK and GREEN


Gorgeous kan? This website can give you an idea for you wedding theme nanti. he he he he

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