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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tolong tido pls!

Today punya diary.

12am - Start with bread. Dough the bread and leave it for 1 hr.
12.30 am - While waiting for bread, buat choc cip cookies.
2.30 am - Finish with choc cip. Dough the bread again and bake.
3.30 am - Now cheesecake. Start with the base. Make vanilla sponge cake.
3.00 am - Start making cheesecake and bake.
4.30 am - Pack bread, cip cookies and cheesecake elok2. (I make this for my pregnant auntie and adie's nenek). Kemas dapur.
5.00 am - Packing baju. Check facebook. Berangan.
6.30 am - Sleep.
8.00 am - Bangun dan siap.
10.00 am - Naik bas to KL.
2.00 pm - Sampai.
2.30 pm - Singgah rumah makcik. Siap2 to midvalley
3.00 pm - Merantau every single booth at bride's fair.
5.00 pm - Found one bride shop that do pre-wedding photo for RM3000. Adie pays deposit RM600.
7.00 pm- Makan (pukul 7 baru nak makan okai!)
8.30 pm - Amik adie;s uncle at UM.
9.00 pm - Adie drop me dekat aunt house.
9.30 pm - Tgk bola. Tak puas hati argentine kalah.
11.30 pm - Searching review for the BS yang kami dah tempah.
12.30 pm - Tak berapa satisfied with our BS and want more.
1.30 pm - Call adie. Ask him to bring me there 2mmorow.
2.30 pm - Searching review lagi. Go through all the pamplets yang dapat,
3.30 pm - Tulis blog post yang ntah apa apa.

Bilaaa nak tido ni!!!!!!!!!

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