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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Second Chance : It is worth the risk?

In general, cheaters immediately make promises not to cheat again when they are caught. But somehow, promises is promises. It cant go alone to determine one's future towards infidelity. This sympathetic behavior is understandable, but somewhat unworkable for some scenarios.

The probability to get hurt for giving a second chances is very high. Lots of risk that we gonna to take.
But it is worth it for THE second chances?

Honestly, I'm a freak. Loyal freak. Those who do something awful to me or family deserve my passion of hate. I'll hold grudge against them for years. Whenever opportunity comes, revenge turns ON. But somehow, I learned people are imperfect. We make lots of mistakes. We are somehow forgets what in front of us. What is actually important. We just forget...............

So grudge? Worth it? Big No. Tak langsunggg okai!!! ..If people world go on their lives without second chances the the world will end up to be so unforgiving. Yeahh, cheating is a grave. It destroys not only the relationship, but also the people within the circle . In everything we do, we risk one thing or another. So, bak kata hari raya, bermaaf-maafan will gives a significant jump to the relationship.

Forgive, forget and movee onnnn..

Don’t break up. Don’t walk away for good. Don’t leave things up in the air indefinitely.

Saya, Shariffah Alawiyah meminta maaf to those I have made mistakes. Deepest Sorry! (eh macam hari raya)

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