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Monday, July 12, 2010

Is the world ending?

Nowadays, I see most people have no respect. In this case, what I meant was respect to "jenazah". I know i know, nowdays people are very keen to World Cup, especially today is the final of WC. Tapi tolong laa, abang ko/pakcik ko baru tanam masa maghrib, korang terhegeh2 tgk WC malam tu. For me, its very unrespectful. Yeah, WC once in 4 years, but your pakcik? you spent your whole life with him. Bila susah dia tolong, bila raya dia ada, pendek cakap, every single step you take, he was there. Takkan for this bloody WC, you just ignore the very fresh grave yang tanam tak smp 7 hours ago. Ehh, taknak baca yasin pon at leasttttt HORMAT llaaa!. Off tv, tido!. Erghh. Sultan mati pon kena berkabung 7 hari. Pusat bowling wayang semua kena tutup.Agung mati lagi la, no entertainment satu malaysia even TV. Tapi takkan la for your own fresh meat pon x leh buat the same. AT LEASSSSTTTTTT for a day. teramat biadap. dekat facebook, boleh plak sedih2 kat status macam gedik2 nak attention. hek e lerrrr!

Budak2 macam nie, bila diorang mati, kita patut buat party celebration je, baru ada akai nak sedih2 kat the other world. Padan muka!

How can we gain respect to these people if orang yang dah mati pon x respect??

So SPAIN menang? suka ati dah? bodo!

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Gud Komen........