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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Strike the flashmob!

I woke up this morning afternoon, helplessly went to toilet for all-morning-should-do stuff. I watched glee last night (i know i know, out to date gilaa) and very excited to see Artie Abrams, the guy in the wheel chair suddenly dancing rancakly in the middle of the shopping complex. Gilaaa best!!

So back to daily routine, I went downstairs, still in mamun-ish, sitting in front of the tv. My eye is suddenly to my mum, sweeping the floor, trying to pull away all the dust below the cupboard, then my eye went to my dad, doing sits up, konon boleh jadi six paxs.

A while later, all of a sudden, I dont know whether its just my imagination or actually my parents is really grooving to the music. Lagu hindustan pulak too (ZEE Channel).. Andddd, my youngest sister appeared out of nowhere jumping infront of me.. I know this sounds crazy but the question that popped right at the moment was:  ARE MY PARENTS GOING TO DO FLASHMOB INFRONT OF ME?

Heart beating. All I was thinking should I join them? Flash mob in the house. Interesting..

However, it breaks my passion of waiting, when, I heard screaming from mum,


I saw my youngest running upstairs. Err..

*Sigh* No luck!. But somehow I've witness panorama of adik kena marah.

To be added in the wish list: Salsa dance with fiance in the middle of Pavillion. Boleh?

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