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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have an awesome last night!

Kamu wahai cintaku,
Kamu sang berbulu,
Oh itu tasteku,
yang aku ingin bersama,
Aku buka baju kamu,
Kamu berbogel,
Melihat badan kamu,
Aku turn on,
aku mahu menjamah,
aku mahu merasa dirimu,
Detup detap,
Memikirkan perasaan,
Menantikan saat-saat,
Indah yang bakal dilalui.
Dia memangil,
dan aku datang,

sedapnya oh rambutanku.
There is actually a flashmob in Malaysia!!

Pardon my ignorance, but I really dont know.

Now Im thinking of recruiting happy members for flashmob!. ala ala Pussycat Dolls. heh!

Strike the flashmob!

I woke up this morning afternoon, helplessly went to toilet for all-morning-should-do stuff. I watched glee last night (i know i know, out to date gilaa) and very excited to see Artie Abrams, the guy in the wheel chair suddenly dancing rancakly in the middle of the shopping complex. Gilaaa best!!

So back to daily routine, I went downstairs, still in mamun-ish, sitting in front of the tv. My eye is suddenly to my mum, sweeping the floor, trying to pull away all the dust below the cupboard, then my eye went to my dad, doing sits up, konon boleh jadi six paxs.

A while later, all of a sudden, I dont know whether its just my imagination or actually my parents is really grooving to the music. Lagu hindustan pulak too (ZEE Channel).. Andddd, my youngest sister appeared out of nowhere jumping infront of me.. I know this sounds crazy but the question that popped right at the moment was:  ARE MY PARENTS GOING TO DO FLASHMOB INFRONT OF ME?

Heart beating. All I was thinking should I join them? Flash mob in the house. Interesting..

However, it breaks my passion of waiting, when, I heard screaming from mum,


I saw my youngest running upstairs. Err..

*Sigh* No luck!. But somehow I've witness panorama of adik kena marah.

To be added in the wish list: Salsa dance with fiance in the middle of Pavillion. Boleh?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Second Chance : It is worth the risk?

In general, cheaters immediately make promises not to cheat again when they are caught. But somehow, promises is promises. It cant go alone to determine one's future towards infidelity. This sympathetic behavior is understandable, but somewhat unworkable for some scenarios.

The probability to get hurt for giving a second chances is very high. Lots of risk that we gonna to take.
But it is worth it for THE second chances?

Honestly, I'm a freak. Loyal freak. Those who do something awful to me or family deserve my passion of hate. I'll hold grudge against them for years. Whenever opportunity comes, revenge turns ON. But somehow, I learned people are imperfect. We make lots of mistakes. We are somehow forgets what in front of us. What is actually important. We just forget...............

So grudge? Worth it? Big No. Tak langsunggg okai!!! ..If people world go on their lives without second chances the the world will end up to be so unforgiving. Yeahh, cheating is a grave. It destroys not only the relationship, but also the people within the circle . In everything we do, we risk one thing or another. So, bak kata hari raya, bermaaf-maafan will gives a significant jump to the relationship.

Forgive, forget and movee onnnn..

Don’t break up. Don’t walk away for good. Don’t leave things up in the air indefinitely.

Saya, Shariffah Alawiyah meminta maaf to those I have made mistakes. Deepest Sorry! (eh macam hari raya)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

SCIENCE Lesson for Adik

On the way antar my younger sister to her tusyen.

Me : Themometer untuk apa?

Dengan confident adik jawap : Untuk check demam..

Derrrrr... -_-!

p/s : (If you think her answer is correct, please see this post title again)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cover Letter

18 July 2010,

To Whom It May Concern,

Hello!!! My name is Yaya. As you can see, I am applying for the job of blah blah blah.You may review my attached resume to learn all about my vast experiences, my unique qualities and my hot passport size picture that as make me perfect for the blah blah blah.

I know I know! Of course there is surely someone that are more qualified out there. Someone with more experience as boldly stated in your advertisement in Jobstreet.com. Maybe your company policy that to always hire form within. Or maybe your CEO anak cucu adik beradik is looking for a job and you as want to bodek you CEO give the favor to him and never tell anyone else. Or maybe a skinny very cun hot pretty girls that turns you on. There are plenty of reasons you probabyly won't hire me.

But let me tell you one thing, I've been unemployed for 2 months now. I'm bored and broke. This has make me  hungry! Very hungry to get a job and I will do anything for you to get this job. If you want to skip your meetings or to ponteng your work. Its ok! I can help you with your chores and never tell another living soul. I dont care if you are male or female. I will do it. Not to worry. 

Have you been embezzling money from the company? I'll help you cover it up. If the defalcate is serious, I'll help you pin the wrap to somebody else. Maybe the one who has been your competitors or your enemy who always put a pile of tahi to you. I'll help you. Seriously!!

I've always a team player. If you are a woman in 40's that is single, I can always recommend you with any hot guys that you love dating too. But if you are a men that love to pull a train of prostitute, brought to hotel with company money and needed someone to tell your wife that you are working late in the office on Friday night? I will sepak you. Anyhow I wish you are a woman and I need this job!

Furthermore, I can always make teh tarik and help you to buy 2 bungkus nasi lemak every morning. If you fuss me with your workloads, I will do it. My ass is always for you to kick. I wont mind. I'm not a crying baby type.

I want this pozishn.  If my wide array of interests doesn't qualify me for the job than no one will! If you still doesnt offer me, you only have a week to live. Muahahahha. 

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Ms Yaya The Desperato.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Is the world ending?

Nowadays, I see most people have no respect. In this case, what I meant was respect to "jenazah". I know i know, nowdays people are very keen to World Cup, especially today is the final of WC. Tapi tolong laa, abang ko/pakcik ko baru tanam masa maghrib, korang terhegeh2 tgk WC malam tu. For me, its very unrespectful. Yeah, WC once in 4 years, but your pakcik? you spent your whole life with him. Bila susah dia tolong, bila raya dia ada, pendek cakap, every single step you take, he was there. Takkan for this bloody WC, you just ignore the very fresh grave yang tanam tak smp 7 hours ago. Ehh, taknak baca yasin pon at leasttttt HORMAT llaaa!. Off tv, tido!. Erghh. Sultan mati pon kena berkabung 7 hari. Pusat bowling wayang semua kena tutup.Agung mati lagi la, no entertainment satu malaysia even TV. Tapi takkan la for your own fresh meat pon x leh buat the same. AT LEASSSSTTTTTT for a day. teramat biadap. dekat facebook, boleh plak sedih2 kat status macam gedik2 nak attention. hek e lerrrr!

Budak2 macam nie, bila diorang mati, kita patut buat party celebration je, baru ada akai nak sedih2 kat the other world. Padan muka!

How can we gain respect to these people if orang yang dah mati pon x respect??

So SPAIN menang? suka ati dah? bodo!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I dont want this!

Taken from here

You can see most of Malay Wedding wearing this (I mean the baju kawen songket). But for me, it is absolute NO-NO!!!!!!!!!!. takmau takmau takmau! Kalau belah mak mertua suruh pakai jugak, me sanggup menangis hentak2 kaki cakap taknak!!

err.. over la plak..

It is not that bad actually. The bride and groom in the picture pon pakai lawa. But me no thinking me wearing this me likey.

This is me likey punya..

Taken from WLT

I have been her silent reader for months now. Her taste in wedding is very electic and I took several of her idea as my reference. Very recommended for you bride to be to read her blog.

So my idea is to wear this for my bertandang. As for my pihak wedding, I wearing gown. Dad requested me to wear arab's wedding costume. Bebel pasal keturunan dia patut pakai baju arab. etc etc etc.  ana fenin ana fenin! Baju arab x rock la ente walid! heh!

Since precious daddy ni tak pernah mintak ape2. Seriously dia x pernah request ape2 entire of my life. (Khidmat urut and part time secretary taip surat business dia tu exeptional). I was thinking to wear this constume for sanding ONLY.

Sekarang mana nak cari baju arab haaaa??????

Ohh my Colour!

(this post view well in firefox)
When I told my mum, my theme is PINK and GREEN, abis semuaa pelamin, bedroom, staircase, baju bridesmaid, hantaran, canopy scallops she picked pink! Errr..

please imagine me in pink, bridesmaid in pink in this pink pelamin.. nightmare!

So, i told my mum, my theme is pink but you may put any colour combination with it. Seriously, any colour can fit with pink. Pink with blue and purple can give you a very exclusive combination. x caya tgk ni.

curi2 took a picture at SSF.. hehehe

cantikkan? Now you should see this!

Combination of PINK and PEACH

Combiation of HOT PINK and LIME GREEN

combination of SHADES OF PINK and GREEN


Gorgeous kan? This website can give you an idea for you wedding theme nanti. he he he he

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wedding's Fair

Now my blog are gonne to be all about kawen kawen kawen. Her her. Biasala kan? Orang dah nak kahwin. Yet, this blog gonna to be usefull to friends yang nak berkawen nanti.

So 11 months to go! Long way but yet somehow too fast for the time goes by. Went to Pameran Pengantin @ Midvalley. Pergi sana just looking around, taking some idea, surveying the prices for cards, hantaran, pelamin etc etc. We first come across with Photography mostly from chinese Bride Shop (yang belakang2 tu baru from malay photography). Browsing for pre-wedding photo which the first 6 booth kami x bekenan langsung the picture taken and also the prices yang mencecah until RM6000 with not so overhelming packages. Actually, last year, we went to Indian Wedding Fair @ KLCC by coincidence. Kami berdua nak pergi British Education Fair@ KLCC actually but lambat sebab stuck dekat alor setar. So we both saja nak bazirkan masa and masuk this indian fair and found this chinese bride shop yang sgt menarik, with the picture that very mesmerizing. Gila jatuh hati!. So this lady give the prices and the packages, ok la jugak tapi takkan kami nak booking straight away kan? Tunang pon x lagi masa tu. So we just ignore.

Back to Pameran Pengantin @ Midvalley, found Stareast. Talking about Stareast, I'm freaking in love with the gowns they had. Seriously, gorgeous!! A week a go, had this argument with my mum about Stareast. I told my mum that I want my gowns from Stareast and she said cannot. Its expensive. The rent is from RM460++. She told me to take from my aunty dulu2 punya Bride Shop only for RM150++ which the gown langsung x stunning. Haish ma!, a few of my cloths (please noted A FEW) pon harga dia RM100++, takkan la for my wedding day I cant spent more for my cloth?. Its not about price, its about that gorges gown!!. Nak jugaaakkk! x pedulik!

So Stareast, the packages is cheap compare to others, only RM2866. I love the display gowns but the sales girl cakap that is designer gown. The package is only VIP. hek e ler. I found that the photography is not that nice. The album pon not very tertarik. Give up dan already merajuk takmau tgk dah pre wedding photo from another bride shop (actually tinggal satu je lagi BS unvistted). Jalan straight je then one lady from this unvistted BS keep on panggil kitaorang suruh singgah. Dah cakap takmau. Tapi dia macam paksa sikitt, dia cakap Hey I know you both. I was like Whaatt??. Tgk muka my fiancee. Dia pon buat muka macam kenal lady tu. Haaa sudah. Tgk2 this lady is from BS masa Indian Fair dulu, yang kami mula2 jatuh2 cinta. Its one year and she still remember us!

She told me, she remember us because she really interested to put our pre-wedding picture as their sales purpose. (She loves our faces.. kah kah kah, nak gelak guling2.. ok serious) So she give us a very good price (wallahualam). So for RM3000, we get a wedding gown (sangat2 stunning the display one), a everning gown, 2 coat for groom, car decoration, wedding bouquet, 3 wedding frame (large, medium and small), 3 wedding album (velvet! very  big and very good quality), guest book, dvd (2 songs), cd-r, makeup and hair do, 2 outdoor shooting, 1 indoor shooting, postcard. err tu je kut. The wedding picture sgt cantik! But not all. Only for this specific photographer, Roy. and oohh, this bride shop is GTC. We paid the deposit RM600.

Me tak regret because we can save money already for wedding gown and coat. Kalau nak tempah, its already 700++ for a pair and we get two!. Then for car deco, rm200++, wedding bouquet with fresh flower, rm150++. Roughly for 2000++ for pre-wedding photo which BS lain rm4000++. So ok la kan?

Oh ya, one more thing, I won Slimming Sanctuary pckages worth RM2000 at that fair. They ask me a question, where is the next bridal fair in October. Thanks to buku pengantin, I jawap KLCC. (actually, at first jawap PICC, then since dia tanya lagi sekali, me jawap KLCC). There is another bride fair at PICC actually end of july. So I got confius.

Perghh... Panjang post ni. heee!! Any how, I happyy!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tolong tido pls!

Today punya diary.

12am - Start with bread. Dough the bread and leave it for 1 hr.
12.30 am - While waiting for bread, buat choc cip cookies.
2.30 am - Finish with choc cip. Dough the bread again and bake.
3.30 am - Now cheesecake. Start with the base. Make vanilla sponge cake.
3.00 am - Start making cheesecake and bake.
4.30 am - Pack bread, cip cookies and cheesecake elok2. (I make this for my pregnant auntie and adie's nenek). Kemas dapur.
5.00 am - Packing baju. Check facebook. Berangan.
6.30 am - Sleep.
8.00 am - Bangun dan siap.
10.00 am - Naik bas to KL.
2.00 pm - Sampai.
2.30 pm - Singgah rumah makcik. Siap2 to midvalley
3.00 pm - Merantau every single booth at bride's fair.
5.00 pm - Found one bride shop that do pre-wedding photo for RM3000. Adie pays deposit RM600.
7.00 pm- Makan (pukul 7 baru nak makan okai!)
8.30 pm - Amik adie;s uncle at UM.
9.00 pm - Adie drop me dekat aunt house.
9.30 pm - Tgk bola. Tak puas hati argentine kalah.
11.30 pm - Searching review for the BS yang kami dah tempah.
12.30 pm - Tak berapa satisfied with our BS and want more.
1.30 pm - Call adie. Ask him to bring me there 2mmorow.
2.30 pm - Searching review lagi. Go through all the pamplets yang dapat,
3.30 pm - Tulis blog post yang ntah apa apa.

Bilaaa nak tido ni!!!!!!!!!